Couple shots from the week/weekends happenings.

Spent some time these last couple of months learning about Baby Dodds. What did I learn other than how cool press rolls are? I learned about playing “for the benefit of the band.” The band and it’s sound as a unit seemed to influence every part of Dodd’s approach to the drum set. Humbling, right? He was so innovative (playing with brushes, improvising on recordings, press rolls and woodblocks, etc.) yet always willing to alter his approach for the benefit of the band. That is cool. Thank you, Mr. Dodds.

Next up—Philly Joe Jones.

I’ll be hosting a jam session on Front St. beginning Oct. 6. Bring out your instruments and come call some tunes you want to play!

Happy 275th, Wilmington. I had a blast with the trio today! #youngswangers #keithbutlertrio


Christoph Niemann is better than you at Instagram. In fact, he might be the best visual artist working on the internet, by the internet, for the internet. 

Check out the jam:

The band is rehearsed and we’re all ready to go for the Great Gatsby Bash tonight! The Blind Elephant is the spot. 21 N. Front St. Wilmington, NC. Music starts at 10! 20s era tunes all night!

Maybe a new business card?

Finally got my jazz trio up and running. If you are in Wilmington, NC, check us out at The Blind Elephant every Thursday night. 21 N. Front St. Nothing but straight ahead music!! 9pm-12am. No cover.